Substance Misuse Month in September

//Substance Misuse Month in September

Substance Misuse Month in September

We all have something we enjoy. For some its legal others its illegal. In our monthly stand for September we are looking at substances which can be abused. Pop into the pharmacy to see the different drugs and the consequences of these drugs on the body.

Substance misuse is the continued use of drugs or alcohol in spite of negative consequences to the person using, their family, friends and the wider community. Substance use has the potential to cause health, social and criminal consequences. There is a great amount of misunderstanding surrounding the problem of substance misuse. Whenever a substance enters a body it is broken down, some of it is absorbed and when metabolised, it may affect a person’s mental state. With repetition the body learns to tolerate some psychoactive substances. This means that larger doses will be required to produce the same psychological effect and abstinence will leave the body with withdrawal symptoms, continued use prevents this from happening.

For further information on substance misuse and on how Thackers pharmacy can help, come visit our monthly stand which is on the topic of substance misuse or have a chat with our friendly staff who can tell you about the services we provide in the pharmacy and also relevant places for referral.

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About the Author:

Sunil Thacker
Sunil qualified as a pharmacist in 1997 at Aston University, Birmingham. He spent the first year at Boots the Chemists as a relief locum manager before travelling for a year. For the next four years Sunil worked for a homecare company, Clinovia specialising in nutrition. Within this time he undertook a two year clinical diploma at Manchester University. With this qualification he moved into Hospital Pharmacy at Salford Royal Foundation Trust where he specialised in nutrition and urology. Here Sunil gained valuable experience communicating with other healthcare professionals, patients and students. With this valuable experience, he decided to help with the clinical aspects of Thackers Pharmacy and hopes to bring further services to the pharmacy. He is also a member of the manchester local pharmaceutical committee(LPC) since 2008. Sunil is accredited to provide contraceptive pill, emergency hormonal contraception and medicine use reviews.

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