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**For 2014 Lipotrim have increased the prices to RRP £45 per week for women and £60 per week for men. However as we feel this is a big jump in price for 2014 we will be offering 10% off for the year. As we know how important weight management is we are offering the following prices**

Lipotrim Prices at Thackers Pharmacy:

Women 21 sachets a week = £40/week
Men 14 sachets a week = £56/week
Maintenance 7 sachets a week = £14/week

You can substitute sachets with the bars for the equivalent price.

Lipotrim is a long-established strict meal replacement programme, which is only available through pharmacies and GP surgeries, and is only suitable for those who are overweight.

Joining the Lipotrim programme takes away the need for you to cook, measure out portions, plan meals and calorie-count, so it is a very popular choice for those who are serious about losing weight.  Women can realistically lose up to a stone a month, and men can lose up to a stone-and-a-half.

Lipotrim provides all the nutrients you need to stay active and healthy whilst maintaining rapid weight loss.  It is a very low calorie diet (VLCD), which causes your body to use up its stores of glycogen (a carbohydrate) so it quickly switches to burning fat.

Lipotrim keeps you feeling full due to its combination of low glycaemic index (low-GI) ingredients, which are also high in soluble fibre.  Low-GI foods help to reduce hunger cravings as they are absorbed by the body at a slow rate.

Women have three meals a day, and men have two.  The available flavours are:


  • Strawberry drink
  • Vanilla drink (can also be made into a mousse)
  • Chocolate drink (can also be made into a mousse)
  • Peanut or coconut bars (you can replace one meal per day with a bar.  Two bars replace one meal for men)
  • Chicken soup


You should maintain your normal caffeine intake whilst on Lipotrim; however, sugar must be replaced with sweeteners and milk must not be used.

While on the Lipotrim programme, you will visit the pharmacy weekly to be weighed and to talk about your progress.  During these visits, you will pick up your following week’s supply of Lipotrim products.  The prices are as follows:


  • Women £40 per week        21 meals
  • Men £54 per week 14 meals
  • Maintenance £14 per week 7 meals


The Lipotrim maintenance programme is suitable for moderate weight loss or weight maintenance: one maintenance meal is eaten daily, along with two of your own, nutritionally balanced meals.

The maintenance meals are:


  • Chocolate Whip Dessert
  • Orange Crème Drink
  • Summer Fruits Drink
  • Cream of Vegetable Soup
  • Caramel Flavoured Bar


If you are interested in joining the Lipotrim programme, please visit the pharmacy for a free, no-obligation consultation.  As Lipotrim is not suitable for some medical conditions, you will need to fill in a questionnaire during your consultation.  As it is such a strict diet, we strongly recommend you watch the DVD, which you can borrow from the pharmacy.  You can also watch it online here.

We are presently offering 10% off your first week’s supply of Lipotrim products. We also sell the shaker for £5 and fibre clear to help your digestive tract for £5.

For further information about the lipotrim weight management programme please visit their website on

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